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Counseling is a safe place where growth comes from vulnerability and connection. It's a place where you are re-taught to embrace your humanity, and move towards wellness. We will look at all the factors impacting your mental health and help you make steps to achieve your goals.

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For future and current mental health professionals looking to grow their professional identity and confidence with the help of an established clinician. This professional mentorship is especially helpful for clinicians looking to start or grow a private practice. During coaching sessions, you will learn how to utilize and market to your strengths to make sure are increasing your chances of finding clients that are the right fit for you. You will then learn how to turn those initial leads into long-term relationships with clients that are seeking and open to long-term support and self-exploration. During this time, we will also addressing any personal and/or professional challenges that may be hindering your growth and stability.


Schedule this time to demonstrate your dedication towards your loved ones. Whether you're a divorced couple struggling to co-parent or an intact family struggling to get along, I will help you work on building healthier relationships with one another.

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Portrait with Dog
Portrait with Dog


For individuals seeking an evaluation for the need of an Emotional Support Animal to reside in their current and primary residence based on a current mental health diagnosis. If a person demonstrates this need, a letter will be provided to document such.




During supervision, Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns will be provided the safe space they need to be susceptible to learning. I will support and guide you on your own journey of forming your professional identity.

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